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2016 China Garlic Line Summit Forum of the Elite and Awarding Ceremony abouy the Men of moment
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  On May 14 to 15, 2016 at Jining City Shandong China, the summit was held successfully,there were more than 100 people attended the meeting.they came from different provices,different units, they paid attention to the summit.it orgnized by CVCA,Spornsed by us(China International Garlic Trading net), also supported by Shandong Agriculture Machinery Co.,Ltd.

  On the afternoon of May 14, the joint meeting between the suppliers and buyers happened.

  The atmosphere was active and harmonious.more contracts were dealed.

  On May 15, Mr. Chen Mingjun gave a lecture, and awarded the different advanced parties of garlic line. Total there were 19 units and individuals.


  In the speech of Mr. Chen, he said the violent fluctuation of garlic price had done harm to the garlic industry,and already attractted the attentions from the national althority and social levels. The relative research subject has closed, it was orgnized by CVCA, and jointed by us(China International Garlic Trading Net),it has registered and authorized by NDRC(National Development and Reform Commission),he expected that all the parties of the garlic line work together for the commom development.


  The following program was Mr. Sun Guoliang’s speech, he analyzed the macro-ecnomic situation at home and abroad, he considered that the future ecnomic development must be realized the mid-and -high-end upgrading of the industry, in the course of above, the work of several sides such as product quality,planting,processing,storage technology, the style of orgnizing, the mode of marketing and regulatory controlling.

  Mr. Tanhe, the senior researcher, from Beijing Agricuture Scinece Researching Institute,he gave more explainations about garlic industry and garlic price changes from the side of macro historical data.He considered that garlic price cyclical rally happened from the past years,the subjetcive and objective information problem speed up unnecessary price fluctuations.He considered that information platorm and association organization with preffession,objection,authority should be set up ASAP,also the people in garlic line must improve themselves market judgment ability and take it easy and relaxing al the time!


  The next was Mr. Shi Zhengke, the garlic researcher of our company, he gave the detailed explainations about prices change of garlic and garlic sprouts from Feb. to May. He listed the following such as planting area, storage quatity,climate influence, market change, allocation of capital etc.then he gave the price analyzation for new crop garlic according to the four side namely plant area, planting cost,natural environment,and marketing heatness.


  At last Mr. Yang Qingbo,the cheif director from Jing impot-export Inspection and Quarantine Burea, he analyzed the risks for garlic exporting to the international market, from the following side as quality inspection, certificate leglized,packing marks etc. Also he gave some good proposal!

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