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The First China Garlic Line Summit of Elite of 2016
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  In order to promote the healthy developing of garlic industry,to rearch the garlic marketing, to strenthen the inner cooperation,to overprize the advanced party, the first garlic line summit ofelite held on May 14,2016 at Jining city Shandong China, as we know Jining Jinxiang county is called China garlic hometown, the summit was hosted by CVCA(China Vegetable Circulation Association),was undertaken by us(China International Garlic Trading Net),also was assisted by Maliya Agriculture Machinery Limited Company.

  There are more than 100 person of garlic line come to attend the summit forum,the come from Beijing, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Hebei, Yunnan etc. Some officials of goverment athority,leaders and managers, experts,businessmen etc.

  On the afternoon of May 14,the joint meeting between the sellers and perchursers was held in time, the atmosphere was harmonious, and sgin contract,made the deal, in the same time the signing ceremony about garlic information collecting spot between Garlic Information Alliance and CVCA was done.


The first garlic line summit of the elite in the course


Mr. Chen Mingjun, the Gen. Sectory of CVCA making a lecture.


The joint meeting between the sellers and buyers.


Mr. Chen awarded the advanced parties of garlic line on the summit.


MS. Xinli, the Gen.Manager of Agr. Machinery Co.,Ltd. Gave a speech.


The man of the hour ,net named Jiang Baorou share his experience of garlic business.


Mr.Limeng, business manager from Jiangsu Liming Group, share his garlic trading experience.

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